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Chapter 1

Alice walked into Hogwarts as Harry, Ron and Hermione ran up to her and hugged her tightly, "Alice how was the holidays?" Hermione asked as Alice shrugged her shoulders, "it was okay" Alice said softly as Alice walked away. Harry stopped Alice as he smiled at her happily, "are you okay?" Harry asked as Alice nodded her head and walked away, Malfoy walked in with Crab and Goyle as he glared at them smirking, Harry saw Malfoy as he growled. Harry was ready to tackle Malfoy as Alice quickly grabbed his arm, "Harry! it's not worth it!" Alice said as Malfoy smiled at Alice, "well isn't it little Ashmore standing up for Potter!" Malfoy said smirking. Alice walked up to Draco as she smirked, "what a stupid excuse for a pure-blood!" Alice said angrily as she smirked as Malfoy gave Alice a dirty look, "Malfoy's are weak and pathetic; they can't even get on a broom and play quidditch the proper way!" Alice said as she smirked and walked back over to Harry. "Watch your mouth!" Malfoy said angrily as Alice giggled slightly, "poor little Malfoy, can't even take an insult" Alice said as she smirked, "let's go guys, so we can let Malfoy cry and scream for his daddy" Alice said as Hermione and Ron laughed at Malfoy and walked over to Alice and Harry. Alice, Hermione, Ron and Harry walked away as they all laughed, "I'll get you later!" Malfoy shouted as Alice turned around and smirked, "I dare you!" Alice shouted angrily as she turned around and walked away. Malfoy growled angrily as Goyle and Crab laughed slightly, Malfoy nudged them angrily as he walked away, Harry, Ron and Hermione walked toward the Gryffindor common room as Alice quickly stopped. "What's wrong?" Ron asked, "I'm not Gryffindor, remember, I'll see you guys in class" Alice said as she smiled and walked toward the Slytherin common room, Alice walked in as she saw Malfoy, Crab and Goyle seating on the couch in front of her. Alice rolled her eyes as she walked toward the girl's dormitories, Crab and Goyle quickly stopped her as she glared at them angrily, "okay is stubby and tall dumb guy have a problem?" Alice asked as she smirked. "Malfoy wants to talk to you" Crab said as Alice rolled her eyes once again and turned around, "wow, you have your own body guard, that's rather sad, don't you say?" Alice said as Malfoy glared at her. "And plus I don't have time for your stupid conversations" Alice said as she pushed Crab and Goyle out of the way and walked toward the girls dormitories. Crab and Goyle picked Alice up as she growled, they dropped her on the couch as she growled at them, Malfoy glared at Alice as she gave him a annoyed look, Malfoy got comfortable on the couch across from Alice as she rolled her eyes in disgust. "So this is your fourth year?" Malfoy asked as Alice nodded her head, "you are such a coward, you know that right?" Alice said angrily as Malfoy glared at her angrily. "Watch your mouth or my Father will do the same thing he did to your Mother!" Malfoy said quietly as Alice gasped as stood up angrily, Alice grabbed Malfoy by the shirt as she growled at him, "your father touches me and I will tell the big secret about your family!" Alice whispered to Malfoy as he gasped then looked at her angrily. Alice let go of his shirt as he fell onto the couch, Alice walked toward the girls dormitories as moments later she sat on her bed, Pansy glared at her angrily as Alice rolled her eyes. "It's almost curfew Parkinson!" Alice said angrily as Pansy growled and laid down in her bed and fell sound asleep, Alice laid down in her bed as well as she stared up at the ceiling, Alice looked around and saw that all the girls around her was sound asleep.
Hours later Alice got out of her bed and headed down to the Slytherin common room as she saw Malfoy sleeping on the couch, Alice quietly walked pass Malfoy as she walked out of the Slytherin common and headed toward the Room of Requirement. Malfoy suddenly opened his eyes as he got up from the couch, "now what is an Ashmore doing at this time of night" Malfoy said to himself as he followed Alice, Alice saw the big wooden door as she walked up to it. "Open!" Alice said softly as the door remained closed, Alice growled as she glared at the door, "fine! I am here to find the marauders map that Harry Potter said he hid inside here" Alice said as she crossed her arms. The big wooden doors opened as Alice smiled and walked into the Room of Requirement, Malfoy peeked around the corner as he followed Alice into the Room of Requirement. Alice started too looked around the Room of Requirement for the marauders map as she suddenly heard footsteps, Alice took out her wand as she quickly hid behind a cabinet. Alice suddenly saw a tall cabinet covered in an old dusty sheet as Alice gasped and walked up to it, Alice glared at the cabinet as she grabbed the end of the sheet and pulled it off the cabinet, "vanishing cabinet" Alice said quietly as she suddenly heard someone coming. Alice quickly opened the cabinet as she hid inside and softly closed the door; Malfoy suddenly saw the tall cabinet as he smirked and walked toward the cabinet. Malfoy was about to open the cabinet as Alice quickly opened the door; the door hit Mafloy right in the nose as he fell to the ground, "what are you doing here Malfoy?" Alice asked angrily as Malfoy held his nose in pain. Malfoy moaned in pain as Alice rolled her eyes, "I asked you a question!" Alice said as Malfoy got up off the floor, "thanks for breaking my nose" Malfoy said sarcastically as she giggled. "You're welcome, now get out of here!" Alice said pointing at the door as Malfoy finally took his hand off his nose, "what are you doing here Ashmore?" Malfoy asked annoyed as Alice rolled her eyes. "I said get out Draco!" Alice said as Malfoy looked at her surprised, "you just called me Draco!" Malfoy said as Alice looked around innocently and shook her head, "no I didn't" Alice said angrily as Malfoy walked up to her and glared at her. "Please don't come that close to me, I can smell your bad breath" Alice said as she laughed slightly, Malfoy growled at her as she nudged him toward the door. "Now leave! It's bad enough I had to touch you" Alice said with a disgusted look on her face, Alice turned around as Malfoy grabbed her arm, "get your hand off me!" Alice said angrily as Malfoy glared at her and smiled slightly at her. Malfoy gently held her hips as she quickly pushed him away, "what are you doing?" Alice asked as Malfoy put his head down and smirked, "Please, just leave" Alice begged as she pushed Malfoy toward the door. Malfoy walked toward the door as Alice turned around and hid behind a cabinet and quietly started to sob, Malfoy stopped at the door as he turned around and heard Alice crying. Malfoy walked toward the cabinet Alice was hiding behind as he peeked out from behind it and saw Alice sobbing quietly, Malfoy kneeled down in front of Alice as he looked at her wondering why she was so sad. "Why are you crying?" Draco asked as Alice lifted up her head as saw Malfoy kneeling down in front of her, Alice quickly backed away from him as she quickly wiped away her tears and sniffed softly. "Get out!" Alice said angrily as she took out her wand and pointed at Malfoy, "please tell me why you are crying" Malfoy begged as Alice growled and stood up off the ground, "get out Malfoy!" Alice said angrily as Malfoy slowly got up off the ground and put his hands up slightly hoping Alice wouldn't hurt him with a spell. Malfoy walked toward the door as Alice continued to point her wand at him, Alice suddenly knocked something off a cabinet as she turned around, Malfoy quickly tackled Alice to the ground as he knocked he wand out of her hand and covered her mouth. Malfoy took out his wand as he put it to Alice's neck, Alice gasped as she was terribly frightened, "don't you dare scream, okay?" Malfoy said as Alice nodded her head scared. Malfoy removed his hand off of Alice's mouth; Alice glared at Malfoy afraid as she hoped he he would hurt her, "why were you crying?" Malfoy asked, "none of you business Malfoy!" Alice said angrily as she growled. "Please just leave me alone" Alice begged as she looked at him sadly then quickly got up and walked away from him, Alice walked toward the vanishing cabinet as she ran her hand across the door and sat behind it. Alice snapped her fingers as a juicy green apple appeared in her hand, Malfoy walked toward Alice as he glared at her and smirked, "you like green apples too?" Malfoy said as he looked away and smiled slightly. "Yep" Alice said as she bit into the juicy apple and found it absolutely delicious, "and why did you say it like that?" Alice said looking at Malfoy wondering what he would say. "What do you mean?" Malfoy asked, "I mean, you said it like, I have a lot in common with you" Alice said taking another bite of her apple and loving the taste, "I did?" Malfoy said as she giggled slightly. "I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but, you're not that bad of a guy" Alice said softly as Malfoy looked at her surprised, "really?" Malfoy said as he was still shocked, "yep!" Alice said as she suddenly heard someone come into the Room of Requirement. Alice quickly snapped her fingers as her green apple disappeared, Alice quickly grabbed Malfoy's arm as she opened the vanishing cabinet and stuffed him inside, Alice quickly got in as she gently closed the door. Alice sighed as she rolled her eyes, "why does he always follow me?" Alice said as Malfoy looked at her confused, "who follows you?" Malfoy asked. Alice covered his mouth as she pushed him against the wall of the cabinet, "Harry, he won't stop following me, I think he has a crush on me or something, last year, he tried to kiss me" Alice said disgusted. Malfoy smirked as he gently removed her hand, "Potter! Tried to kiss you, what a jerk" Malfoy said as Alice blushed slightly, "are you sticking up for me? Because it seems like it" Alice said as Malfoy shook his head and looked around. "I've never heard a Malfoy stick up for a person before" Alice said as Malfoy quickly covered her mouth because he heard footsteps outside the cabinet. Malfoy gently rested his hand on Alice's hip as she blushed slightly and slowly removed his hand, Alice gently removed Malfoy's hand off her hip as he looked deeply into her eyes, Alice looked up at Malfoy as she also looked deep into his eyes as well. "Wow! You have the most stunning eyes" Alice said softly as Malfoy looked at her confused, "Huh?" Malfoy said as Alice shook her head, "oh, nothing!" Alice said as she fiddled with her fingers. Alice put her ear to the door as she heard footsteps from outside the cabinet; Malfoy gently put his hand on Alice's shoulder as she blushed slightly and looked at him. "Why have you gotten so sweet, all of a sudden?" Alice asked as Malfoy looked at her, "you think I'm sweet?" Malfoy said as he scratched the back of his head, "Sure, let's just say that" Alice said as she smiled slightly at Malfoy. Malfoy gently held her hips as he smiled at her, Alice quickly removed his hands as she backed away from him, "I can't!" Alice said softly as Malfoy looked at her confused. "What do you mean you can't?" Malfoy whispered quietly as Alice looked at him sadly, "none of your business Malfoy!" Alice said angrily as Harry quickly opened the door of the vanishing cabinet. "Alice? What are you doing here?" Harry asked as Alice walked out of the vanishing cabinet, "Nothing, I was just looking for the marauders map" Alice said looking sweetly at Harry like she had done nothing bad. "Off to bed, now!" Harry said angrily as Alice quickly walked toward the door, Harry grabbed Malfoy as he threw him onto the floor, Alice stopped as she turned around and gasped, Harry grabbed Malfoy by the shirt as he growled at him. "Did you kiss her?" Harry asked angrily as Malfoy shook his head; Harry clenched his fist as he punched Malfoy in the nose, "Harry! Don't hurt him!" Alice said angrily as she quickly ran up to Harry and pushed him away from Malfoy. Blood dripped from Malfoy's nose as he pushed Alice away and walked out of the Room of Requirement, "you're such an idiot Harry!" Alice said angrily as she walked out of the Room of Requirement as well. Moments later Alice walked into the Slytherin common room as she saw Malfoy sitting on the couch holding his head back and holding his nose. Alice quickly grabbed a tissue from her pocket as she dropped it on the table in front of Malfoy and walked toward the girl's dormitories, "you're just like Potter and the rest of his stupid friends!" Malfoy said as he smirked. Moments later Alice was lying in her bed looking up at the ceiling as tears slowly started to stream down her face, that night Alice cried herself to sleep not being able to stop thinking about Malfoy.     

The next morning Alice walked into the grand hall as she saw Harry, Hermione and Ron, Alice quickly walked up to them as she looked at them and put her head down, "Sorry for yelling at you last night Harry" Alice said as Harry smiled. "It's fine, sit down" Harry said as she sat beside him, Hermione started babbling on about studies as Alice suddenly noticed Malfoy staring at her from the table across from her, Alice quickly opened her book as she started reading. "When were you ever interested in reading?" Ron asked as Alice looked at him and smirked, "the book is really interesting" Alice said as she smiled, Alice suddenly saw Malfoy get up from the table and walk out of the grand hall as Alice quickly closed the book and put it on the table. "Hermione, you'll probably love this book, I'll be right back" Alice said as she got up from the table and followed Malfoy, Alice saw Malfoy walk into the Room of Requirement as she was surprised that the doorway was even there. Alice quickly walked into the Room of Requirement as she suddenly heard crying from inside one of the cabinets, Alice opened up a random cabinet as Alice found Mafloy curled up, almost in ball, crying. "Malfoy? What's wrong?" Alice asked as Malfoy lifted up his head, Malfoy had a big bruise on his nose as his eyes were swelled up because he must have been crying so much. "Leave me alone!" Malfoy said angrily as Alice looked at him wondering what was wrong, "If I tell you why I was crying, will you tell me why you're crying? Alice said as Malfoy glared at her. "Just leave me alone!" Malfoy said as Alice looked at him and smiled, "I'm guessing you have my wand, right?" Alice said as Malfoy reached into his cloak pocket and pulled out Alice's wand, Malfoy threw her wand at her as he growled at her. "Malfoy, please tell me" Alice begged as she gently removed Malfoy's arms of his knees, "leave me alone, you stupid girl! Have you ever heard of privacy?" Malfoy shouted as Alice looked at him sadly. "I'm just trying to be nice to you! I see you get bullied all the time! I was just trying to help!" Alice said angrily as tears streamed down her face, Alice got out of the cabinet as she walked toward the door in tears. Malfoy looked at Alice surprised as he quickly got out of the cabinet and ran toward her, Malfoy stopped Alice as she growled at him, "I thought you wanted me to leave?" Alice shouted angrily as Malfoy pulled her close and blissfully kissed her on the lips. Alice glared at Malfoy as she was completely speechless, "did you just kiss me?" Alice asked as she thought she was dreaming. "Okay, I must be dreaming, somebody pinch me!" Alice said as Malfoy smiled and pinched her shoulder, "Draco! That hurt!" Alice said as she suddenly realized she wasn't dreaming, "Merlin's beard I'm not dreaming!" Alice said surprised as she looked at Malfoy confused. Malfoy laughed slightly as he kissed her on the cheek, Alice blushed as she looked at him and smiled, "wait! Why did you kiss me?" Alice asked as Malfoy smiled at her. "Well, because, I love you!" Malfoy said as he smiled nervously and put his head down, "but I thought you hated me" Alice said confused as Malfoy smirked, "why would I hate you, you're so sweet and beautiful, you reached out to me like no one else did" Malfoy said as Alice blushed and smiled. "I never thought a Malfoy would kiss a girl like me" Alice said as she hugged Malfoy tightly, Malfoy smiled as he kissed Alice on the head, "is it okay, maybe if I call you Draco?" Alice asked as Malfoy nodded his head, "of course you can" Malfoy said as he smiled at Alice and kissed her on the lips once more. "But you do know, no one can find out about this, right?" Malfoy said as he sighed slightly, "about what?" Alice asked, "well, were together now, aren't we?" Malfoy said as he looked at Alice wondering what she would say. "Yeah, of course were together" Alice said as she blushed, "and don't worry I won't tell anybody" Alice said as she wiped away Malfoy's tears and kissed him on the cheek. Alice and Malfoy walked out of the Room of Requirement as Alice was a bit nervous about telling Malfoy all the insane stuff about her, yet she was still very afraid of Malfoy's father, would she tell him her real name? What would she do? Well, for now, all she could do was waiting until Malfoy found out, but would that make it worse?

We hope to have the second Chapter out soon, We hope you guys like the story, Enjoy and please comment! :) :)
This is another one of our love stories between Draco and Alice, This story was written by our actress who plays 'Alice Nakida Lilith Andromeda'.
We hope you guys like it, Enjoy and please Comment! :):)
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